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Roovet Corp.
Private Company
Industry Internet
Founded October 13, 2013; 5 years ago (2013-10-13)
Berlin,New York
Founder Tony James Nelson II
Headquarters Jacksonville, Southside,Florida, US
Area served
Key people
Tony James Nelson II, Lori King,Tony Nelson
Products See list of Roovet products
Revenue US$ 59.825 Thousand (2013)
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Roovet is a United States-headquartered, multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. Their services include online advertising, search, web mail and different software. Most of its profits are derived from Adwords, an online advertising service that places advertisements near the list of search results.

Roovet was founded by Tony James Nelson II and while he was living in Berlin, New York. He alone owns about 80 percent of its shares but controls 90 percent of the stockholder voting power through super-voting stock. He incorporated Roovet as a privately held company on October 24, 2014.Its mission statement from the outset was "to make it possible for the unknown to become well known". Their unofficial slogan was "Roovet were just that much better". In 2015, Roovet moved to its new headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, nicknamed as the Roovet Center.

Immense growth since its incorporation has triggered a chain of products, acquisitions and partnerships beyond Roovet's core search engine. It offers online productivity software including email (Roovet Mail), an online video chat (Roovet Chat) and a social networking service (Roovet Social). Desktop products include applications for organizing and editing photos, and instant messaging. The company leads in development for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


<ref name="PRESS RELEASE">"Roovet International Corporation New Services". PR Group, Inc. Retrieved 11 March 2015. External link in |website= (help)</ref> Roovet began in October 2013 as a search engine project by Tony James Nelson II. Their aim was to make the fastest search engine in the world. Roovet Web Search was first built on PHP alone. Here the search seemed to work great and results were also very good. But these results were not good enough in his eyes and he felt that they could be much better.

While meta search engines ranked results by counting how many times the search terms appeared on the page, they theorized about a better system that analyzed the relationships between submitted search engine websites. He called this new technology Roovet Experience. It determines a website's relevance by the number of search engines it was submitted to and if it has a Roovet Article. It also recognizes importance of the social media that was also linked to the site and linked back to the original site.

Products and services


Most of the company’s profits come from Roovet Adwords<ref name="New Advertisement Plateform Roovet Adwords">Brown, Antonio. "Roovet International Corporation New Advertisement Plateform Roovet Adwords". Free Press Release. Retrieved 7 February 2016. External link in |publisher= (help)</ref>. Roovet Adwords is an advertising program using which respective clients can create a banner or text based pay per click ad. This ad will be then displayed on the Roovet Search engine and its partner websites. How to Create Ads on Roovet Adwords - On Roovet Adwords you can create any kind of engaging content for advertisements. You can create images, videos or text ads to reach out to more and more customers. The users of Roovet Adwords are allowed to edit or completely change their ad anytime without any extra cost. After creating stylish and interactive ads, you can display them on relevant websites that are common among your potential customers. Advertisements at correct places can gain you maximum customers in short period of time.

Roovet Adwords not only provide its consumers quality service at affordable price but also allows them to set their budget for monthly advertising service. This budget helps them in controlling their monthly expenditure on advertisement campaigns. When your ad reaches the limit of your budget, Roovet Adwords will automatically remove your ad from its network and partner websites. In this way you can advertise your website or services each month at low budget without any worry.

Pay Only When You Get Genuine Clicks

The Roovet Adwords knows how to maintain trustworthy relations with its valuable customers. Thus, it always provide genuine click to its customers. Roovet Adwords have special software for verification and tracking of the clicks which helps them to remove any fake or repeated clicks. After verification, you will get the report with real number of clicks. You will have to pay to Roovet Adwords based on the real number of clicks, through PayPal. So, there is no chance of fraud with Roovet Adwords.

Avail Keywords to Reach Right Audience

Roovet Adwords have latest technology called the Text Targeting Technology which helps in showing your ads on specific web pages that have content relevant to your ad. For instance, if you have an online shop of computers and its accessories, Roovet Adwords text targeting technology will search and display your ad on pages that have any article or blog about latest computer technologies and products. It is done after matching keywords.

Benefits of Roovet Adwords For Business

Roovet Adwords is best advertising company for small businesses and new talent who want to improve their business but have low budget. PPC ads on Roovet Adwords can dramatically improve your business and increase your revenue by displaying your ad to target audience. These affordable ads can give you thousands of loyal customers in short time.

Article Writing

Roovet Articles is a new division of Roovet Company that is providing valuable, latest and worth reading articles to the keen readers of the world. The Roovet Articles have a great variety in it; from articles on simple people and businesses to the well-known personalities and great brands, there are articles based on different niches. Roovet, with its aim, not only provides articles to read, but it has also opened the door for new and inexperienced writers to share their thoughts and write-ups with the world.


Using this great platform, one can write about interesting & unique places, small & leading businesses, great people & personalities of their own choice. One can also write about his/her own business or the business he/she is employed with to make the world aware of its facts. By using Roovet Articles, one can also write something that is only known by him about any person, business or place. The platform is open to all, just pick a pen and write down your thoughts. It is your platform and is made by people like you.

Search engine

Productivity tools

Roovet Mail is a free webmail service provided by Roovet. Roovet Mail uses AJAX, a programming technique that allows web pages to be interactive without refreshing the browser. Roovet claims that mail sent to or from Roovet Mail is never read by a human being beyond the account holder and is only used to improve relevance of their advertisements.


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