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Usage[edit source]


Returns string with the first n occurrences of target replaced with replacement. Omitting count will replace all occurrences. Space counts as a character if placed in any of the first three parameters.

Examples[edit source]

  • {{replace|One two two three two four twotwo five|two|NINE}} → One NINE NINE three NINE four NINENINE five
  • {{replace|One two two three two four twotwo five|two|NINE|count=2}} → One NINE NINE three two four twotwo five
  • {{replace|foo_bar|_| }} → foo bar

Space[edit source]

  • {{replace|One-two two-three two-four twotwo-five|-|—}} → One—two two—three two—four twotwo—five
  • {{replace|One-two two-three two-four twotwo-five|- |—}} → One-two two-three two-four twotwo-five

See also[edit source]

  • {{str rep}}, which replaces only the first occurrence of a string.