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Women Rise is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features 10,000 art pieces celebrating and showcasing a diverse ranges of backgrounds and professions. The pieces were generated using an algorithm developed in a collaborative effort by the developing team and the artist.


Women Rise was created by three Pakistani's: Maliha, Aski and Sodi. It is an extension of the work that the creator, Maliha Abidi, had been doing for a decade as an artist (using art as a tool for storytelling and social justice) but in Web 3.0. Maliha's work focuses on advocating for social justice including women’s rights, gender equality, girls' education and fighting for marginalised communities. She is the author of three published books.

NFT project

The project launched in November 2021 and sold out within four months. The collection includes images of female astronauts, scientists, artists and activists, plus ten unique pieces inspired by true stories of women from around the world. Owners of a Women Rise NFT join a community of over 80,000 individuals. They are granted access to exclusive in-person events, intellectual property rights for their image and membership to the 'Rising Women' club (which promotes women in art/science/culture) and the 'Activist' club (which brings attention to societal issues supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals and uses its connections to collaborate with relevant organisations to make measurable impact.)


Women Rise is one of the few projects run by a woman of colour and Maliha is one of the most influential speakers within the NFT space. She continually advocates for bringing more women into tech and has spoken at conferences including SXSW and Veecon. A percentage of sales from the Women Rise project, totalling over $120,000, were donated to charities working to support girls around the world with access to education. These included Malala Fund, SOLA Afghanistan and The Pad Project.


Women Rise was named one of the 53 most promising crypto startups of 2022 in Business Insider. The project has also been featured in The Guardian[1], Reuters[2], Rolling Stone[3], Vanity Fair[4] and Forbes[5].


Women Rise has partnered with organisations including Chicago Bulls, Adobe, Snapchat, Instagram and Coinbase.


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