Tribe Queen

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Tribe Queen
File:Tribal Queen Of Gia.jpg
Cover art from Tribe Queen. Art by Tony James Nelson II.
Publication information
PublisherTribal Comics
First appearanceTribal Bloody Beginnings Chapter #8 (November 2023)
Created by
In-story information
Alter egoToi Idalia
SpeciesGia Wolf
Team affiliations
  • None
  • Magical
  • Raw Power
  • Transformation
  • Summoning
  • Devastating Attacks
Altered in-story information for adaptations to other media

Toi Idalia, also known as Tribe Queen the Queen of Gia, is a fictional character in the Tribal series created by Tony James Nelson II. The Tribe queen is as fierce as she is beautiful. She has a magical sword with extreme power. When she’s in battle, she releases devastating attacks. She is the queen of the kingdom of Gia.Toi Idalia is 18 years old in wolf years and 540 in human years, And she is the enemy of Alpha, and the Dark Commander. She has extreme hatred for all NEBU wolves.


Toi Idalia ascended to her throne by blood right unlike the NEBU wolves. Who only respect power and only the strong have the right to rule them. Gia wolves are different. Even if their king or queen was not the strongest of them, they will still use their strength and power to protect their majesty with their life. But in the case of Tribe queen, she is the strongest. Like most wolves, she draws her power from the moon, so she is strongest at night. She takes the defense of her borders very seriously, especially when it comes to NEBU wolves. She’s also very arrogant and ruthless thats owed to the fact that when Alpha rose to power he order the Dark Commander to conquer half of Gia.

NEBU wolves have enslaved Gia wolves for many years during there dark conquest, breeding them with half-blooded wolves, As a sign that they must co-exist together. She herself was blind to the war before she was queen. Sneaking away and having fun with her NEBU friends together they would fight the soldiers to build there strength up. Until one day she returned home and heard her fathers war council tell him without a miracle, Gia will fall to the Dark Commander in his armies soon.

She then knew what she had to do, Protect kingdom from all of NEBU including her friends. Even knowing she gave birth to her daughter Ariana a half blooded wolf. That shares both NEBU and Gia blood so ashamed of her child she sent her to the kingdom of Terria, as she did not want to even look at her. Alpha's conquest ended when she gain the power of the Gods attack obliteration as the NEBU soldiers were no longer able to advance further into Gia territory without fear of heavy damage to there ranks.

Unlike lower level wolves she does not seek or need the pages of the Tribal Bible, she naturally feels Gia wolves are better than other wolves in every way possible. She is the strongest female wolf in the world and has amazing abilities.


Toi Idalia has a extreme set of magical powers both with and without the use of her sword. At night when she is at her strongest she has the ability to call creatures from another realm to do her bidding. This take a hugh amount of energy to preform so she's only able to do it during a full moon. She shares the ability of transformation like all wolves at will. She has the ability of raw power which most wolves only have when fully transformed. But Gia wolves never really break transformation completely as the always have there wolf ears showing during normal state. Raw power is like superhuman-strength she can pick up anything and toss it like a toy or punch and even cut throw anything like its nothing. Her spit acts as a poison acid that can melt threw bone.

Toi Idalia has many devastating attacks but one of the most known one's is Obliteration, as it serves as her signature move. Obliteration is her go to attack when she wants to get rid of things in her path quickly.


A massive attack that destroys everything in its path until there is nothing left. It appears as a bright light ripping apart any and everything in its path. This attack can only be used with a sword as the user must draw there magic oral from there body to the weapon. This attack was said to be stolen from the Gods as a last result for the world.