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Sharonne Armstrong (born October 14, 1983), better known by his stage name, Shagusto, is an American rapper from Amityville, New York. He is currently signed to Roovet Records. Although Shagusto is not a famous superstar rapper he is by far the most talented nationwide rapper that most industry hip-hop artist cannot hold a candle to him. Shagusto has throughout his professional career a total of 382+ songs both released and unreleased. In 2012 he became known as "The Beat Monster" on his song "Go Hard" he cleared the air by challenging all rappers by stating his name was Shagusto "AKA" The Beat Monster.

Music Career

In 2011 his manager and Aaron Goodman introduced Shagusto's music to Tony James Nelson II his little cousin. After Tony Nelson signed him they began promoting his music immediately, Tony had a studio built and they started working on his album Raising The Bar. With much motivation Shagusto released his first album for Empire Entertainment on November 11, 2011 Titled Raising The Bar. In January of 2012 he opened up for young upcoming rapper Swoo Rugby who was signed to the same label at a local bar ""The Mist""

When It comes down to online presence being with Roovet is nothing short then a blessing, By signing to Roovet Records with there strong marketing experts Shagusto was able to get a great deal of recognition online. By producing and releasing music on sites like Myspace, Soundcloud, Datpiff, ReverbNation and SoundClick.




  • Addicted To Da Cream
  • Raising The Bar
  • Hell Bound
  • Roovet Effect


  • 2016: "Real Nigga Shit" (featuring Respekt Ova)
  • 2016: "Bobby and Whitney" (featuring T-dart and Fatal)
  • 2016: "Not Like That"

Guest appearances

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title Year Other artist(s) Album
"High Class Ghetto Bitch" 2003 Respekt Ova N/A
"Until The Day I Die" 2004 Respekt Ova, Palms N/A
"Fuck Smith Set" Fatal, Kaz N/A
"Clap For A Living" Respekt Ova Day Of The Deuce
"Chow Down" Respekt Ova N/A
"Yesterday" 2005 Respekt Ova 'Day Of The Deuce'
"I Can Teach You How" Respekt Ova N/A
"Trust Nobody" 2006 Cash, Jap 5 N/A
"1 On 1" 2008 Fatal N/A
"I Can Be Doing Better" Navy, Fatal N/A
"Down Ass Nigga" Fatal N/A
"Block Money" Cash, Stab
"Hood Stories" 2011 Swoo Rugby, YB Only The Beginning
"Whip It" 2012 Fatal Life and Times of a Hustler
"Deuce Set" Tay, Respekt Ova Bury Me Standing
"Splash" Kaz, Respekt Ova Bury Me Standing
"Knife Work" Respekt Ova N/A
"In For The Kill" Respekt Ova N/A
"Nah Frat" 2013 Respekt Ova, Streets N/A
"Never Take Us Alive" Respekt Ova, Slim N/A
"My Neez" Respekt Ova N/A
"Knife Warz" Respekt Ova N/A
"Monkey Ballz" 2014 Respekt Ova N/A
"Walk The Other Way" Respekt Ova N/A
"Casanova" Respekt Ova Soul Full Of Deuce
"Lonely At The Top" Respekt Ova N/A
"Ginger Black" Respekt Ova,Fatal,Slim,T-Dart N/A
"Surviving The Drot" M-Dot N/A
2016 N/A
"Shit Done Changed" 2017 Dox N/A
"Out The Game" Dox N/A