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Roovet Sound

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Roovet Sound is an online music and audio distribution platform[1][2], as well as a music sharing website based in Jacksonville, Florida [3]that enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio, as well as a digital signal processor enabling listeners to stream audio. Started in 2017 by Tony James Nelson II, Roovet Sound has grown to be one of the largest underground music streaming platform in the world.[4] Roovet Sound offers both free and paid memberships for artist on the platform, available for mobile, desktop devices. What makes Roovet Sound a great distribution platform is the fact that they cater to the success of there verified pro artist. Roovet Sound is one of the rare platforms that can put artist music throughout the world and in a short period of time.

Roovet Sound
Screenshot of the desktop version of Roovet Sound
Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
Music streaming, Internet community
United States Of America
OwnerRoovet Local & International Corporation
Founder(s)Tony James Nelson II
Key peopleTony James Nelson II, Hakeem A. Small
IndustryMusic, Social/Internet Community
RegistrationOptional; Required to post and upload content.
Written inPHP


Roovet Sound was established in Jacksonville, Florida in May 2017 by African American web designer Tony James Nelson II.[5] In a effort to give Roovet users a way to distribute there music, and the website was launched in August 2017. At this time the site was not called Roovet Sound but instead called Roovet Music and was considered a extension of the Search Engine itself. This gave Roovet users the option to listen to or upload music directly to the music platform itself. But do to a server failure the site and all its contents was lost. Unlike other companies Roovet International Corporation and all of its assets were always self funded by the owner himself Tony James Nelson II so if the company took a lost so did he.

Monetization, subscription services

Roovet Sound does use monetization in two ways, As of November of 2021 the company does admit to show ads to users. Roovet International Corporation states they only show ads 2 ways one is by Google and the other is in house by Roovet Adwords, uses my see ads by either and advertisers can show ads by visiting these two platforms. Roovet Sound also pays verified artist for uploading original music, songs or beats based on plays. Creators will not be paid for any non-original content and will not also be paid if the creator is not verified, all creators that have pro accounts will be paid based on plays.


Roovet Sound's key features include the ability to access uploaded files via unique URLs, thus allowing sound files to be embedded in Twitter and Facebook posts, although mobile devices require a Roovet Sound app to play a track within Facebook. Users can listen to unlimited music. Registered users without may upload up to 200 minutes of audio to their profile at no cost.

Roovet Sound distributes music using websites and apps. Users can place the widget on their websites or blogs, and then Roovet Sound will randomly tweet, share and promote every track uploaded by verified artist. Roovet Sound depicts audio tracks graphically as waveforms and allows users to post "comments" on any track. These comments are displayed on the track page. Users are allowed to create playlists, and to "Like" (specific tracks, which will then be saved to the user's "Like" page), "Repost", "Share", to "Follow" another user or artist.

Roovet Sound Pro

Roovet Sound offers premium services for musicians under the banner Roovet Sound Pro. The Roovet Sound Pro service allows users to upload unlimited audio, and adds additional features such as enhanced analytics, and the ability to disable comments on tracks.



Roovet Sound currently only offers two apps, one for iOS and one for Android.


Roovet Sound has repeatedly attempted to create desktop clients equivalent to their mobile applications to compete with services like Spotify, which maintain and develop their own client.


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