Roovet Signature Exclusive Handbag Purse

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Roovet has one official handbag, designed and produced by Tony James Nelson II in may of 2021. The Roovet Signature Exclusive Handbag Purse is the designer purse of the Roovet Brand, The purse exterior is made of PU leather with the Roovet icon across the outside with chains linking the logo together in gold. The outside background color is black and bag also features three pockets two on the sides, and one featuring a zipper on the backside of the bag while the other side has a gold plated metal tag. The tag reads "Roovet Corporation Since 2013". The inside of the bag features a polyester based material with the Roovet logo spread throughout the inside of the bag. Also inside of the bag has a total of three pockets two side by side on one side, while on the other side has a zipper closeable pocket.

Roovet Signature Exclusive Handbag Purse
InventorTony James Nelson II
Inception2021 (2021)
ManufacturerRoovet Local & International Corporation
Current supplierRoovet Brand
Last production year2021
Models madeHandbag EXC
DesignerTony James Nelson II