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Aaron L. Goodman (born October 28, 1983), better known by his stage name Respekt Ova Your Artificial Love[1][2][3], is an American rapper and songwriter. Beginning his career in 1999, Respekt Ova has been able to gain worldwide popularity, all thanks to his musical talent and Roovet Sound, to launch his music on a bigger and better platform. Aaron Lee Goodman used the stage name Respekt Ova or ROY-AL, which stands for ‘Respekt Ova Your Artificial Love’. This, clearly, states that Goodman prefers respect from everyone instead of being artificially loved. Almost all of his songs are available on Roovet Sound where one can download them for free.In addition to Roovet Sound, his songs were released on other different platforms as well like SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. In addition to improving his skills and talent, he has always worked towards working with ethics so as he could become like the great rapper late 2pac Shakur and also like Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, etc., who were his inspirations as well.

Respekt Ova Your Artificial Love
Respekt Ova at Empire Studio Session 2012
Respekt Ova at Empire Studio Session 2012
Background information
Birth nameAaron L. Goodman
Born (1983-10-28) October 28, 1983 (age 40)
East Meadow, New York, U.S.
  • Hip hop music
  • Trap music (hip hop)
  • Rapper
  • audio engineer
  • songwriter
  • Empire Entertainment
  • Roovet Records

Early life

Respect Ova was born and raised in Amityville, Long Island by a single mother of three. His talent and skills have made him successful very early. Respect Ova's music interest started at a very young age. He was highly inspired by legends like Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, and many others. The way he plays with words in all his songs has made him one of the best lyricists of his time. The choice of his words is rude yet honest and entertaining. This is why he is considered one of the best songwriters of his time among many other artists.


Respekt Ova has launched almost all of his songs on Roovet Sound. With his immeasurable skills and talent, Respect Ova gained success and popularity at a very early stage in life. Further, between 2012 - 2015, he launched four Mixtape albums. They were, Bury Me standin (2012), Soulful of Deuce in 2012, Katch 22 in 2013, and 1N in 2015. His most recent release, Real Kingz Don’t Die, gained popularity very quickly and was loved worldwide. Moreover, the term “Neez was popularized by none other than Respeckt Ova.

Rsepekt Ova has launched all his songs on Roovet Sound. You can easily find his full-length initial and latest songs on Roovet Sound. His latest tracks added include Respekt Ova Feat. Shagusto - Monkey Ballz, Respekt Ova Feat. Shagusto - Are Y'all Ready4 It, Respekt Ova Feat. Shagusto & Streetz - Nah Fret, and Respekt Ova - Drake Diss.

His collaboration with Roovet Sound also gained him good popularity as he was launching his music and songs for free there with access to a good audience with similar interests. Roovet Sound also helped him gain quick popularity with instant audiences. You can easily download and listen to all his songs on Roovet Sound.

Personal Life

Aaron L. Goodman was born in Amityville, Long Island where he was raised by his single mother with two siblings. With inspiration from Otis Redding and Percy Sledge, Respekt Ova showed interest in music at a very early age. He developed his great work ethics early in life and due to those, in addition to his talent and skills, he became successful. Moreover, Goodman’s work ethic has always been compared with the greatest rapper Tupac Shakur, most commonly known as his stage name 2pac. Aaron L. Goodman or Respekt Ova has also tried to maintain this status by following good work ethics. He also keeps working on improving these ethics too.

Respekt Ova’s songs gained quick popularity and with his honest yet entertaining wordplay, he became a great lyricist. He even collaborated with one of his childhood friends to launch his clothing line, under Many people are even inspired by his words, “How can you love someone but not respect them? U can’t force the world to love you, but if you are great at what you do, then they will respect it.”


The discography of Respekt Ova, the music artist based out of Long Island, includes various collaborations and singles, launched on Roovet Sound and various other platforms. Most of his work has been under the genres HipHop and Rap.[4] Most importantly, he is working tirelessly to master the world of hip hop. Here is a list of some of his popular and most loved songs;

● Final Kontakt

● Murda Murda

● Daddy Is A Gangsta

● Rowdy22

● U Said U Love Me

● Drake Diss

● Evol Amerikkka


● Gravity Fallz ft Dox

● Clapped Neezstyle

● Dancin Wit Da Devil

● Babyface Crackpitcha


● U Aint Real( Freestyle Neezstyle)

● Dont Want None

● Neez gang intro (YUNG, DART, SLIM)

● That Aint No Gangsta Shit

● Everyday Struggle

● Savage World

● Neez myself n I by Respekt Ova

● Different Cloth Ft. FTF

● Bridge iz Ova Neezstyle ft. Respekt ova x T-Dart

● Just Like Dat Neez Style - (jayz/kid Capri)

Studio Albums

With his great work ethic, talent, and skills Respekt Ova has released many songs in different genres, however mostly hip hop and rap. Here is a list of some of his popular albums released on different music platforms including Roovet Sound, Soundcloud, etc.

● Bury Me standin, released in 2012

● Soulful of Deuce released, in 2012

● Katch 22, released in 2013

● 1N, released in 2015

● Respekt Ova Wit All Due Respekt, released in 2020


In addition to releasing his singles and other songs, Respekt Ova collaborated with various artists for various songs and covers. Just like his singles, his collaborative songs have gained recognition and appreciation worldwide as well. He has collaborated with various versatile artists such as Shagusto, Dox, T-Dart, Ffrench, and many others. Here is a list of some of his famous collaborations.

Guest Appearances

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title Year Other artist(s) Album
You Could Be Ffrench N/A
Nah Fret 2011 Shagusto & Streetz N/A
Knife Work Shagusto N/A
Are Y'all Ready 4 Shagusto Day Of The Deuce
Monkey Ballz Shagusto N/A
Pussy whistle 2012 Shagusto N/A
Jus wanna luv u Isaiah Dunmore N/A
No Komparison Shagusto & T-Dart
Lay u down Jayrell & Shelton N/A
Soul Fulla Deuce Soul Full Of Deuce
Mikz Plz M-Dot & Plams N/A
Open sky 2012 N/A
Better days N/A
My Will 2 da Ville N/A
Neez Gang Freestyle Shagusto
No talking 2013 T-Dart
Flava in ya ear 2013
Slow Down Neezstyle
7th Chamber Neezstyle
1170 1derful World N/A
Kiss Da Ring 2014 N/A
Shoot Me In Da Sky Nay.B N/A
Do U Love Me? N/A
Fuck U 2015 Palmz N/A
When Best Friendz Turn Enemiez Slim Goodie N/A
My Time Is Now Serraia Rummaya
Soundz Of My Heart beat N/A
Real Kingz Dont Die Real Kingz Dont Die
Amityvillian N/A
Subconsciously Speaking I Self N/A
Down On My Luck 2016 Real Kingz Dont Die
Broken Wingz N/A
Destiny Shagusto
Karma T-Dart
Final Kontakt Freestyle
Color Me Coke
Most High The Cerberus
AfriCANT American 2017 N/A
U Said U Love Me Nae B
Hard Yt 2021 Shagusto N/A


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