Pamela Rai Menges

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Pamela Rai Menges
OccupationEntrepreneur, engineer and innovator
Years active20+

Pamela Rai Menges, sometimes identifying as Pamela A. Menges, is an American entrepreneur and innovator in technologies related to space flight and energy.


Menges has said her father owned an engineering firm and his connections and support were to influence her career. During the first year of her doctorate in 1993 she founded Aerospace Research Systems (ARSY), indicating the purpose was to hold patents for inventions she discovered as part of her doctorate. Menges said her father was to come out of retirement and develop ARSY while she concentrated on her doctorate and early part of her career.

Menges was to take a position at Los Alamos National Laboratory being involved with several flight testing and satellite projects.

Returning to ARSY, there was noted development work on the Ramstar, an orbital spaceplane, utilizing artificial neural membrane (ANM) technology patented by Menges. Menges and ARSI's project of the Artificial Neural Membrane Flapping Wing were one of the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) CP 5-01 Phase I Awards on 2005.

Other companies were to be spun off of ARSY and headed by Menges, including Star Sailor Energy and Ars Verde, Inc.

In 2014 Menges became a volunteer for the On-call Scientists program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Menges thought she would be concentrating on energy and aerospace issues, only to discover it was her operational security knowledge the non-profit, human rights, and vulnerable person organisations needing protections from hackers and electronic surveillance were where most calls from assistance came from. Her advice included: "Don’t use Gmail."; "Don’t keep recordings on your cell phone."; "In fact, if you’re in a foreign country, leave your cell phone behind and buy a burner phone at a market instead."

Menges has remained active in academia and instructed a course of Engineering Energy Systems at the University of Cincinnati.

Menges also holds an FAA commercial pilot's license.

Aerospace Research Systems

Menges founded Aerospace Research Systems (ARSY) in 1993 and has claimed the original purpose was as a means of protecting intellectual property she was discovering as part of her research for her doctorate. As of 2021 ARSY claims a team of nine leaders and senior associates, three advisors, and four senior technicians and manufacturing leads.

Star Sailor Energy

Star Sailor Energy and related "Star Sailor" group companies are spin-offs from ARSY with Menges having major influcence. The group has concerned itself with developing micro-grid components such as low-powerwind generators and non-electrolytic power storage. In September 2021 SSE issued a press release claiming they had formed a partnership with Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) to install and use in evaluation two of its "hurricane tested" wind turbines which had required over a decade to developed, with SSFN students to study integrating them to other systems.


On a podcast hosted by Lowell Thompson, Menges claims that in the late 1970's she saw a light identified by her father as a UFO.[1] Generally throughout the Dr. Rai Menges on Aliens, UFO/UAP, and Multidimensional Life podcast Menzies uses terms such as Unexplained aerial phenomena in preference to UFO.



Menges is or has been a member of a number of prominent organisations. These include the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and Women In International Security (WIIS).


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