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Malik Stormrider also known as the Weapon Master, is a fictional character in the Tribal series created by Tony James Nelson II[2]. He possesses a remarkable superpower that enables him to conjure mystical weapons of unparalleled craftsmanship and power. As an eternal being, he is impervious to death, making him an immortal protector of the planet Eldora. Malik is a revered figure in his community, and his presence brings hope and security to those who rely on him.

Appearance-wise, Malik is a tall and imposing figure with a muscular build. He has deep ebony skin that glistens in the sunlight, and his hair is styled in intricate braids adorned with mystic symbols. His piercing eyes, like orbs of molten gold, radiate wisdom and strength. Malik is often seen wearing a unique suit of armor that blends futuristic technology with ancient designs, reflecting his connection to both the past and the future.

Malik Stormrider
File:Malik Stormrider.jpg
Cover art from Malik Stormrider'. Art by Tony James Nelson II.
Publication information
PublisherTribal Comics
First appearanceTribal Bloody Beginnings Chapter #12 (November 2023)
Created by
In-story information
Alter egoMalik Stormrider
Team affiliations
Altered in-story information for adaptations to other media



A legendary sword imbued with the power of thunderstorms. It crackles with lightning and can unleash devastating bolts of electricity upon Malik's foes.

Shadowshot Bow

A sleek, ebony bow that creates arrows made of pure shadows. These arrows possess the ability to phase through objects and strike with deadly precision.

Inferno Pistols

Twin pistols that harness the essence of fire. Each shot releases scorching projectiles that can incinerate enemies and leave a trail of blazing destruction.

Frostfang Gauntlets

Gauntlets that channel the frigid power of ice. Malik can unleash icy blasts, freeze adversaries, and create protective barriers to shield himself and others.

Soulrender Spear

A long, gleaming spear capable of absorbing the life force of its victims. It can drain vitality, heal Malik's wounds, and even temporarily bestow him with heightened strength and agility.

Solaris Shield

A majestic shield with a golden core that radiates with solar energy. It can project a protective forcefield, emit blinding bursts of light, and reflect energy-based attacks.


A massive, two-handed scythe that harnesses the power of the void. It can slice through reality itself, creating temporary portals and unleashing devastating gravitational forces.

Thunderclap Crossbow

A powerful crossbow infused with the might of thunder. Its bolts can explode upon impact, creating shockwaves that incapacitate enemies and disrupt their movements.

Seraphim Dagger

A small, intricately crafted dagger that glows with celestial light. It possesses healing properties and can banish dark entities with a single strike.

Nova Staff

A staff adorned with cosmic gemstones that allows Malik to manipulate raw cosmic energy. It grants him the ability to create explosive energy blasts, control gravity, and even summon celestial allies to aid him in battle.