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The following is a list of products and services provided by Roovet Local & International Corporation. Active, and discontinued products, services, tools, apparel, and other applications are broken out into designated sections.

Web-based products

Search tools

  • Roovet Search – a web search engine and Roovet's core product.
  • Roovet Shopping – Also known as Roovet Store a online store where Roovet merchandise is sold.
  • Roovet Video – a video hosting website.

Advertising services

  • Roovet Ads – an online advertising platform.

Communication and publishing tools

  • Roovet Mail – an email service.
  • Roovet Account – controls how a user appears and presents themselves on Roovet products.
  • Roovet Calendar – an online calendar with Roovet Mail integration, calendar sharing and a "quick add" function to create events using natural language.
  • Roovet Builder – a social network site creation and publication tool.
  • Roovet Drive – a file hosting service, social media sharing service and a live video real time connection service.
  • Roovet Connect – a video conferencing platform, an added on feature to Roovet Drive.
  • Roovet Social - a social network platform by Roovet.
  • Roovet Experience - a photo sharing social network platform by Roovet
  • Roovet Sound - a music sharing and distribution platform for music creators.
  • Roovet Passion - a subscription based member platform, used by content creators.
  • Roovet Articles - a article site by Roovet that publishes articles on different things.
  • Roovet Stores - a online ecommerce store building and publishing platform.

Map-related products

  • Roovet Maps – mapping service that indexes streets and displays satellite and street-level imagery, providing directions and local business search.

Business-oriented products

  • US Work Suites - a CRM used by business to run there company.

Developer tools

  • Roovet Webmaster Tools - (Discontinued) (2016)

Mobile applications

  • Roovet Sound
  • Roovet Social
  • Roovet Drive
  • Roovet Experience
  • Slydas
  • Roovet Video

Fashion Products


  • Roovet Pay - a digital wallet platform and E-commerce payment system


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