Dark Commander

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Dark Commander
Cover art from Dark Commander. Art by Tony James Nelson II.
Publication information
PublisherTribal Comics
First appearanceTribal Bloody Beginnings Chapter #12 (November 2023)
Created by
In-story information
Alter egoDyronia Quinquanto
SpeciesNebu Wolf
Team affiliations
  • Secret Society Wolf Tribal
  • NEBU Wolves
  • Death Wave
  • Flight
  • Transformation
  • Magical Powers
  • Master Swordsman
Altered in-story information for adaptations to other media

Dyronia Quinquanto, also known as the Dark Commander[1], is a fictional character in the Tribal series created by Tony James Nelson II[2]. The Dark Commander is the leader of the NEBU armies and only answers to alpha, he is the second most powerful character in the land of NEBU and the forth most powerful character in the Tribal Universe. He is fully responsible for the creation of Death Wave, and truly the only one that Death Wave fears as he is his commander as well. The colorful hair is a sign of his outrages power, He is highly feared by all witches and sorcerer's. This is because his blade has the ability to absorb their powers and make him even stronger. He also has the ability to drink the blood of stronger wolf opponents and advance his wolf rank.(wolf power)


Dyronia Quinquanto was born with extraordinary powers witch he combined with his swordsmanship skills later on. When he was just a child he murdered both his parents and absorbed there wolf powers making make a A rated wolf. At the early age of 15 he felt he was so powerful he should rule the NEBU lands and challenged Alpha to a battle. Which ended up being a major mistake, he did even last a full 3 mins before falling to his knees awaiting death. Instead of killing him Alpha took his sword and struck him on the left side of his face as a reminder that he was nothing compared to him in power. But alpha did respect his battle skills and ordered him to command his armies in exchange for his life. He would plead full loyalty to Alpha from that day forward, and enforce alphas will on the world.


Dyronia Quinquanto has a wide rage of devastating attacks with his sword.

Dark Justice

File:Dark Justice Attack.jpg
Dark Justice Attack

Dark Justice is one of the Dark Commanders sword attacks in which he swings his sword at a opponent in a slash manner and opens a dark portal. From the dark portal 800 wolves emerge and hunt down or kill his enemies in battle.

Red Moon

Red moon is one of the Dark Commanders sword attacks in which he fly's up in the air and raises he sword up to the moon turning it red. And at the tip of his sword you can see a ball red ball of energy, he then pulls the sword down pointing it at his enemy and fires a beam at them. The beam expands as its being fired and destroys everything in its path.


Like all wolves that have wolf blood the Dark Commander can use the ability of transformation, once transformed to his wolf state he appears as a 20ft tall black and gray wolf with blue eye's.


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