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"Consider This" is a song by American rapper Tribal Young Brown featuring American rapper Real Litty. It was released on April 13, 2022 as the first single from Brown's debut studio album Trust and Betrayal (2022). The song was produced by Tony James Nelson II.

"Consider This"
Single by Tribal Young Brown featuring Real Litty
from the album Trust and Betrayal
WrittenApril 1,2022
PublishedApril 13, 2022
ReleasedApril 13, 2022
StudioRoovet Records
  • Gangsta rap
  • Drill music
  • Roovet Records
Songwriter(s)Tony James Nelson II
Lyricist(s)Tony James Nelson II
Producer(s)Tony James Nelson II
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"Consider This"
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Real Litty singles chronology
"Consider This"
"Trust & Betraayal"
Music video
"Consider This" on YouTube


In the song, Tribal Young Brown rap about having sex with other people women mostly Joseph Clinton nicknamed (Twin). He also dissed his cousin Shagusto and his babymother, as well as his ex girlfriend.

Music video

A music video was released alongside the single. It was directed by Daquan Gray, and finds Tribal Young Brown everywhere including in the studio rapping the song. Real Litty did not really appear in the video but one time.


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