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Tony James Nelson II born (April 13, 1987) To Tony Nelson and Sherrianne Nelson is an American business man,writer,screen writer,web designer and minister who founded Roovet International Corporation as well as Empire Webmasters[1], Empire Industries, Empire Studios[2], and Nelsons Designers[3] which later became known as the Empire Corporations. Alone he owns about 88 percent of Roovet International Corporation.[4][5]

Tony James Nelson II
Head and chest photo of Tony J. Nelson II
Nelson in July 2013
Born Tony james Nelson II
(1987-04-13) April 13, 1987 (age 31)
East Meadow, New York (state)
Residence Jacksonville, Florida, US
Nationality African American
Alma mater Farmingdale University (dropped out)
Occupation Roovet International Corporation Chief Executive Officer
Years active 1987–present
Known for Founder of Roovet International Corp.
Net worth Increase US$181.5 thousand (as of December 2017)
Title Chief Executive Officer
Board member of Roovet International Corporation
Spouse(s) Lori King
Children Savannah Nelson
Bryana Douglas
Parent(s) Tony Nelson
Sherrianne Nelson
Website Increase
Tony Nelson II

Early Life

Tony J. Nelson II was grow up in Amityville , New York located on Long Island he lived in a house with his mother , Father and sister as well as his aunt , uncle and cousins.His great grandmother lived across the street and his grandfather lived around the corner.In this small house he lived the first 7 years of his life located at 19 dumber Amityville New York.From there he moved to Help Suffolk a shelter for the homeless along with he mother and sister,He Lived there for about 6 months and then they moved to anther house located in the same town of Bellport, Where he attended Brookhaven Elementary for about 2-3 years.And then him and his family relocated to Mastic , New York where he spent the next 5 years of his life attending 3 schools including William Floyd 6 grade school,Paca Middle School and William Floyd High School.


2011 Nelsons daughter Savannah was born , As well as the same year he started the Empire Corporations where he had 3 different offices located in Copiague , New York 18 employees and earned around $220,000 yearly.

Empire Webmasters

Nelsons first Corporation founded in 2011 , Empire Webmasters Incorporated was a Web Design and Development Company which specialized in web design/development , web hosting and search engine optimization.Empire Webmasters Inc. earned about 80,000 - 100,000 yr and was started by Tony J. Nelson and his older cousin Felicia Henry the company was closed down by Mr. Nelson in 2013 when he moved upstate New York.

Empire Studio's Inc.

In 2011 Tony Nelson decided to get into the music industry and start his own recording label Empire Entertainment and sign a few artist such as Swoo Rugby , Shagusto and Respekt Ova.He then hired his uncle Bobby Brock to build a recording studio and named the recording studio Empire Studios Inc.This studio would serve as the landmark were his artist can come and record there songs with set time slots,Not only can the artist record at Empire Studios but also outside consumers were able to buy studio time at the lowest rates in the state.Empire Studios was only charging customers $30.00 per hour for recording time and no additional engineer fee.The engineers were all employees of Empire Studios Inc.

In Late 2011 Tony Nelson appointed his older brother ROYAL as President of his Empire Studios Corporation and handle all daily sales and management of the artist of Empire Studios.He then installed a full bar and kitchen on the second floor of the studio.This would raise sales in Empire Studios with money coming from more then one source.In 2011 Empire Studios Inc average around $50,000 - $70,000 yearly.

Empire Industries Corp.

In July of 2012 the Empire Corporations was still on the raise now with funds coming from Empire Webmasters Inc. and Empire Studios Inc. it was time for a new bullet proof was to collect more funds so Tony Nelson decided to own and operate a small 24 hour convenience store in Lindenhurst, New York and name it after his new born daughter Savannah.Mr. Nelson invested around $45,000 in storefront rent , Products , Tobacco , ATM Machine , Store Signs and Store Selves.

When the Incorporated Village of Lindenhurst found out that a young black man was trying to open a store in there city they did everything in there power to stop it. They said he needed parking calculations, then they said he needed to take photos of everything in the store, just giving him the run around to spend more money and in the end told him no he cannot open his store.

Nelsons Designers Corp.

Nelson Designers opened around the same time as Empire Studios Inc.This clothing design company headed by Nya Allen and Jessica Coy was a very profitable company that made T-shirts for local business in the area.And also their own designer cloths.