WAAD Wednesday: Freezing rain, sleet, snow to pose dangerous conditions



Source: Here we go, starting off before dawn, as mixed frozen precipitation has already begun along I-75 (well west of Jacksonville) as the wint...

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Here we go, starting off before dawn, as mixed frozen precipitation has already begun along I-75 (well west of Jacksonville) as the winter storm warning for a broad area just north and west of Jacksonville commences. Don’t forget to “pin” your pictures on our StormPins app! Whether it’s rain, winds, cold, sleet, snow, or freezing rain, share your pictures! Duval: Biggest issues will be heavy rains with some freezing rain (rain that freezes on trees, cars and grassy areas). Bridges should not be too impacted but this needs to be closely monitored as Duval will be very much on the edge for freezing rains this morning.Nassau County northward into ALL of Central and Southeastern Georgia the Winter Storm Warning is specifically for you! There will be ever increasing frozen precipitation. Roads may quickly become undriveable, understand you will need to stay off the roads.Baker County westward along I-10, the Winter Storm Warning is mainly for freezing rains which may cause some bridges to partially ice up. Driving will become highly dangerous as icing will be of the “black ice” variety as ice patches will appear as wet black top. Very tough to see.South of Jacksonville and along the Coastal counties of Putnam, St. Johns, Flagler will see heavy rains, up to an inch, coastal flooding issues and winds to 35 mph, even a possible thunderstorm.Snow for Jacksonville? Low chances but the best time to watch will be in the afternoon.Not likely, but just as the wintry precipitation comes to an end around 2-4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, there could be a brief round of snow flurries in Jacksonville. Snowmegeddon 2018, the perfect combination for a blizzard.Arctic cold, a powerful upper-level low caught up in the Jet Stream which is forcing extremely cold air deep into the South. This will explode into a massive storm that will interact with warm, moist air rising off the still relatively warm Atlantic Ocean. This “bomb” of extreme rapid intensification will impact the entire eastern most coastline of the United States. Blizzard conditions will be possible from the Carolina’s to New England. Blizzard conditions are where winds are at or above 35 mph, visibilities are less than 1/4 mile (white out conditions) with blowing/drifting snow all the while heavy snow is falling.”Thunder snow” is likely along the New England coastline.Amounts there could exceed 2 feet, New York City around 6″, Boston around +12″Flights across the entire Northeast United States will be severely disrupted there for days. Wednesday to be Weather Authority Alert Day
City, county, state respond to winter storm | School closings | Status of bridges, roads | SE Georgia emergency | BLOG: Storm impactBack to Jacksonville, hard freeze for Thursday and Friday mornings.On the backside of this powerful storm will be severe cold with temperatures dropping deep into the 20s, even at the beach. Pipes (inland), Pets, Plants, People and Pools will need to be protected Wednesday night and Thursday night (into Friday morning).The past few days have been cold and the cold stay’s tough until Sunday morning when milder air finally arrives. The game day forecast looks perfect for football, sunny and cool with highs around 60°.
Source: News 4 Jax