Hearing Rescheduled for Alleged Dream Mod ‘OxyMonster’

Hearing Rescheduled for Alleged Dream Mod ‘OxyMonster’



Source: Gal Vallerius, the alleged Dream moderator arrested by federal authorities in an airport in Atlanta, Georgia, moved to have his first he...

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Gal Vallerius, the alleged Dream moderator arrested by federal authorities in an airport in Atlanta, Georgia, moved to have his first hearing pushed from December 2017 to May 2018. According to suspect’s lawyer, the prosecutor’s office of the Southern District of Florida presented a case that involved “all if the complexity” of the internet. The judge granted the defense’s request. As the details surrounding the case grow more unusual, the defense will be preparing for a new 15-day hearing in January.
Justice Robert N. Scola, Jr., presiding, heard the Frenchman’s lawyer explain that the United States judicial system was nothing like the French judicial system. Anthony J. Natale, the lawyer mentioned above, told the judge that the defense likely needed the help of a computer expert in order to fully grasp the supposed evidence collected by US authorities. Judge Scola acknowledged that the defense had filed the request for additional time in good faith and not to drag out the case.

Natale requested a delay until May 2018. Judge Scola decided that both parties must meet on January 16 to decide when the hearing would begin. The hearing will last 15 days and could begin as early as January 22, 2018, giving the defense only weeks to prepare their arguments in support of Vallerius’ innocence. Furthermore, in support of the request for more time, the lawyer said that the US government planned to unveil “many more discoveries.”
The Drug Enforcement Administration arrested Vallerius at an airport in Atlanta in August. The French National had flown into the airport en route to a beard competition in Texas when the DEA grabbed him. They seized his laptop that, according to court documents, contained evidence that proved Vallerius had vended and worked as a moderator on Dream Market. Authorities accused Vallerious of operating the account “OxyMonster” aka “Vendeep.” OxyMonster had formerly distributed opioids, including fentanyl, on several darknet marketplaces.

He had also worked as an “admin” and later as a “mod” on Dream. After Vallerius’s reported arrest, OxyMonster signed onto the Dream forums and posted that he had not been arrested. Other Dream staff members deleted the post shortly after users pointed out the painstakingly obvious deception by an actor with access to OxyMonster’s vendor account.
Some French publications wrote about various unusual aspects of the case against Vallerius. The oddities, even though Vallerius has been a federal inmate since August 31, continue to stack up. For instance, his social media accounts simply disappeared from the internet and his website—although still a valid, unexpired domain—became inaccessible. The man’s wife, one publication wrote, simply vanished off the face of the earth. An investigation in France is also underway.
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