Romanian deadlift

Article May 20, 2016 facebook twitter google+ Train like an elite- strengthen your glutes and hamstrings with the Romanian deadlift One of the most effective workouts for strengthening your glutes and hamstrings is the romanian deadlift. When performed correctly, it involves a hip hinge movement and uses the muscles that are vital in performing other excerises in lifting, jumping and sprinting. While your glutes and hamstrings are engaged- You'll find that the muscles in the front (quadriceps) are also being used, as well as the upper back muscles, which is an effective way of strengthening your back muscles and posture (along side other back exercises). Technique Hold the bar with an overhand grip approximately shoulder-width (your thumbs should brush the outside of your thighs). Place your feet approximately hip-width apart, with knees soft and your feet straight ahead. Maintaining a flat back position, bend forward at the hips lowering the bar towards the floor. Reverse ..

10 ways to lose your love handles

Article Mar 4, 2016 facebook twitter google+ Show that plateau who’s boss and blast through the last stage of your weight-loss mission 1. Keep a food diary Aside from helping you stay on track with a healthy diet, keeping a diary allows you to pick up patterns in your eating habits. If you notice that you’re eating the same things regularly, aim to get more daring with your palate to keep your body guessing and your digestive system cranking. 2. Lift weights If cardio is your exercise tipple and you’re neglecting weight training, you need to get to grips with the barbell. Big, heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts will build lean muscle mass to rev up your metabolism, as well as mix up your workout. 3. Change speed A good way to shock your body into a fat-blasting reaction is to vary the tempo at which you perform resistance exercises. For example, try taking four seconds to control the lowering phase of a move, while sticking to one second or as fast as you can on the upwards ..


Weight Loss Tips Article Mar 12, 2016 Want to get your pre-pregnancy body back? Here’s how to do it!


Article Mar 17, 2016 facebook twitter google+ Spring clean-up your diet for awesome weight-loss results with these tricks from the nutrition pros Spring offers the perfect opportunity to re-think your regular eating habits - and making sure your diet is on the money will ensure you sail through the season feeling and looking your best ever. Eating clean feeds your body the goodies it needs to run smoothly and fast forward weight loss results. Thinking outside the box and discovering the benefits of real food will whittle away any waistline worries so that you get the most out of the sunny days. Check out our expert’s top 10 tips to get started - there’s no calorie counting involved, instead you get to eat delicious food. Even dessert is allowed! What’s not to like? 1. LOAD UP ON LEMON AND GINGER If you want to look figure fabulous on the beach this summer, factor lemon and ginger into your daily routine. This duo works together as a powerful and all natural weight loss aid. Ginger ..

Wise up to slim down

Article Mar 24, 2016 facebook twitter google+ Beat your diet downfalls and lose those hard-to-shift pounds with these figure-friendly fixes There’s no magic solution to slimmer thighs or a flatter tum, but if you want to shake off that excess weight and look your best for the sunny days ahead, you need a smart strategy. First things first, you have to figure out what might be stalling your weight-loss progress. So we’ve rounded up some of the most surprising diet saboteurs to help you avoid them and whittle away those wobbly bits once and for all. You’re eating too many ‘healthy’ carbs You baulk at the sight of a croissant and wouldn’t dream of letting a chip pass your lips, but you start the day with wholegrain rice puffs and fill up on a big bowl of wholemeal pasta at dinner. Sound familiar? We all know that white versions of these kitchen cupboard staples spell bad news for our waistlines, but even their brown counterparts aren’t as virtuous as they may seem. Although comple..