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Crystal Holidays adds a classy touch and sparkle to different kinds of occasions- be it weddings or anniversaries. Since ages, contemporary crystal decorative like vases, crystal trophies, candelabras, cake plates, crystal dinnerware etc has been the desirable items for home decor enthusiasts. Not only conveys the sophisticated taste of the host but also turns the whole ambience into a classic set up with vibes of modernity.

If your anniversary is around the corner and you want to keep it a low key affair, no other place but your home can itself turn the venue to host a gorgeous party. Also, a party can be an opportunity to take out your crystal glassware that has not been used for long. The following points will give you an outline to recreate your home decor with some of the basic crystal wares and add all the glam to your anniversary party. Let's have a look-

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An Attractive Base:

When it is an anniversary party, flowers are one of the key items to decorate your home. You can take your flower arrangement to the next level by placing them on a crystal pillar holders. All you need is some subtle colours of roses and ranunculus. For sure your guests will love this.

An Amorous Tablescape:

Tablescape arrangement is a very important part of an anniversary decoration. Creating it with attractive cuisines is not done for it the place where you will raise a toast, homer your guests and speak overwhelming things about your partner. Crystal wine glasses, mini glass urn vases, and other small delights will create the overall look of what is known to be a romantic tablescape.

Crystal Candle stands:

When you have picked up the most beautiful flowers for your party decoration, you cannot skip the classy candle stands. Flowers and candles are just perfect pairing to redefine the spaces of your home. They create a luxe look and also add to a romantic setting.

Some Personalised Touch:

Perfumes are very personal gifts and why not make your guests feel more special. As a return gift crystal perfume bottles can be the right choice to compliment the occasion. Also when you are using a lot of crystals for the decor, these intricate gift items will definitely be acknowledged by your guests.


Amidst this classy setup, you can definitely create a corner that is chic and conveys a free-spirited look. Crystal vases, showpieces, engraved crystal pieces etc can add that bling to your party.

A Chic bar Counter:

Anniversary parties are incomplete without old wines and single malts. And to make it look perfect crystal barware gives a modern yet stylish look. Wine glasses, decanters and traditional style of whisky glasses made from cut crystal complete the look.

Modern Crystal Candelabra:

Crystal candelabra are always a great addition to celebrations. Whether you keep it simple or team it up with fresh flowers, candelabra delivers a clean and subtle look.

Dessert Counter:

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Now, this is another area where you can explore with a lot of new styles. Often you have heard that our eyes eat first and when it is about desserts you can simply go colourful. Whether its serving ice cream in trendy bowls made from crystal or diamond cut dessert class these small things really matter. Don't forget to hold your anniversary cake on a pedestal cake plate made from crystals which can be your point of attraction.

An Extravagant Decor:

This time of the year is the perfect way to boast your royal taste and love for some luxury items. And when it is all about decking up your home with crystals, you cannot miss a tempting piece of a crystal chandelier. Since time immemorial this beauty has light up many houses with its aristocratic decor. A chandelier hanging in the dining room creates a perfect look and will make you feel complete.

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