Super Capacitor-lithium Battery Production Glove Box Oven Integrated Device

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one. Right after all the products have been transferred to the inert glove box box, shut the door with the glove box, open the outer door, and reload the product for the subsequent change of the product oven and the primary approach. The production line does not need to be connected with numerous ovens, and it can bake just one shift or a number of shift supplies at a time, conserving output time, lessening production backlinks, and preventing secondary pollution in other operation procedures. The solution top quality is ensured, and the use of the manipulator saves a great deal of labor and realizes automatic creation.

2. The oven is geared up with 1 or additional shifts of generation resources at a time, and is baked and dehydrated

3. Computerized substance transfer in the oven

four. Following the oven content baking method is completed, it is transferred to the glove box cooling location for cooling at a time

5. Just after the cooling is concluded, the substance is taken by the automated feeding robotic and transferred to the procedures of liquid injection, soaking, standing, sealing, etc. These procedures are automated creation processes

six. Following the above procedure is accomplished, exit the warehouse by means of a large warehouse